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Amazon Fish Instant Soup

A product that has pleasant organoleptic characteristics (color, aroma, texture and flavor).

The fish instant soup consists of a dehydrated protein concentrate, highly digestible, easy preparation, storage and transportation.

The formulation is preservatives, flavorings and chemicals free, it has high protein content from Amazon fish.

It also has a low sodium content, promoting this product to a functional food status, that is, one that produces metabolic and physiological benefits beyond basic nutritional functions, consisting of a unique product in the world market.

Laboratory tests have confirmed that an Instant Fish Soup meal is capable of delivering more than a third of a child's daily needs.

In addition to the nutritional benefits, the product will stimulate the consumption of regional fish from the Amazon, reducing the fishing pressure on endangered species in our region, thus adding a sustainable value to the product.

The technology used for the preparation of Instant Fish Soup allows the sustainable use of 2,000 species of Amazonian fish not exploited by commercial fishing in Amazonas state.